My running journey

My story started not long after I finished university. After 2 years in college and 3 years in university I was looking for work in IT. A full year of job hunting, no success! Everywhere I tried, all wanted at least a years experience! I even volunteered to work for free for a week just … More My running journey

FeD Chef Special

I was so lucky to be invited to the launch of the Fed Chef Special menu in Cardiff. Have you ever had the time were you cannot decide what you would like for food…? Or it is take away night and you fancy a curry but your partner fancies chicken balls with sweet and sour… … More FeD Chef Special


Who has a tattoo? Wonderful pieces of art applied to the skin, with agonizing burning and tearing sensations. 😂 But, after all the pain you go through, they usually come out great! And I must emphasize the word usually… I have seem some bad ones. I have two tattoos. Two which I am not entirely … More Tattoos

New job 🤗

I found a job! A great job! ☺️ If you all read my previous post about the passed few years of my life, you will realise how much this job means to me. I have always wanted a career as well as a job. Thats why I decided to follow through with IT. After 5 … More New job 🤗